Why I Buy Bitcoin and Not Stocks

In case you're like me you're most likely wondering what the heck you can do along with your hard earned savings in terms of investments. Merely to provide you with some history I got to the stock market at that time in the behest of my employer. The business was doing well and we were receiving ample bonuses. I purchased a house, financed of course, but nevertheless needed something more significant. I went into the marketplace. Subsequently, 9/11 happened and a few years afterwards the entire housing market just imploded. The markets have struggled ever since then and I simply have not made any gains that were decent. For folks like me, that's to say middle class, itis a real struggle to find how we're ever likely to retire. We are hit with inflation, or recession, or another occasion that only turns the markets down once we make money. That is the reason why I went into Bitcoin. Now, I am no mad high speed FOREX dealer. But I do enjoy to do my assignments. I've studied this a lot and I've to say that Bitcoin Team really is a smart choice. It's a heck of a lot more easy than bonds & stocks explosive and complicated than commodities, and much safer than FOREX.
You probably want to be a bit cautious with that, although there are a lot sites out there selling you Bitcoin. Take time and learn about. You'll find that sites that are more information based are much more useful. Additionally there are quite a couple of blogs now that are popping up. But again, look for individuals reviewing services and sharing info, rather than simply outright selling. It's truly a worldwide currency. For me, that is fantastic. I've am able traveling through Asia and Europe because I can work remotely and become an internet entrepreneur recently. Why Bitcoin is indeed great, that's. Therefore I can access them anywhere on the planet in the best possible exchange rates.
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